When Riley’s day unravels to the point of despair, he finds himself pulled into a mysterious and peculiar world where a doctor diagnosis him with a case of delusion and uncertainty.

Riley (2010) Interpreted and explored by Amanda Strong, Danny Guay & Jessica Paulmer. Directed by Amanda Strong. Animations by: Jessica Paulmer. Filmed by: Danny Guay. Post edited by Danny Guay & Amanda Strong. Edited by: Luke Sargent. Riley premiered at the ImagiNATIVE Film Festival in Toronto in 2010.

Credits: Cast: Amanda Strong, Danny Guay, Jessica Paulmer Andrew Clarke, Claire Childs, Jeff Macintosh, Luke Sargent, Jordon O' Connor, Kristen Demelo, Cheryl Bryan and Matt Dyck.
Special Thanks: Ontario Arts Council, Shane Belcourt, Jordon O' Connor, Rob Buchelt, FX Smith & Art Vos

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